Falkville is a rural Alabama town incorporated 1886. The town has direct access to Interstate 65, and is strategically located only one hour from two of Alabama’s largest cities. Our residents enjoy a safe living environment, outstanding schools, prompt police & fire protection and quality recreational facilities. Falkville has remained a shining example of small town Southern living at its finest.

The community was named for Louis M. Falk, a Prussian merchant who immigrated to America in 1857. Falk opened a small general store on the site of Falkville in 1859. In 1875, Falkville was first incorporated with a mayor and councilmen. However, the only incorporation record found in print shows incorporation date as 1886. The towns first recorded population was 154.

Available List of Former Mayors:

1914: Rufus A. Summerford
1918: J. N. Powell (Acting Mayor)
1918: T. C. Russell
1920: Rufus A. Summerford
1924: J. W. Sivley
1926: Rufus A. Summerford
1928: Rufus A. Summerford
1932-1945: E. L. Drinkard
1945-1946: C. H. Roden
1946-1947: L. E. Brown
1947-1948: D. L. St. John
1948-1952: E. L. Drinkard
1952-1956: R. D. Gibbons
1956-1957: John Cloud
1957-1960: Thurman Praytor
1960-1962: John M. Cloud
1962-1964: Arthur Parker
1964-1966: G. D. Sims
1966-1968: L. E. Segars
1968-1972: R. D. Gibbons
1972-1976: Wade Tomlinson
1976-1980: Homer Landrum
1980-1984: Bill Wood
1984-1988: Roy Haynes
1988-1992: Bob Winkles
1992-2000: Bruce Hart
2000-2005: Roy Coley
2005-2012: Jimmie Walker
2012-2016: Bob Ramey
2016 – Present Ken Winkles

Historical information used by permission from the Jayceettes officers of 1975.