Public Works-Streets

Household Garbage:

Morgan County Environmental Services (Morgan County Sanitation) picks up household garbage every Wednesday in the Town of Falkville from the carts provided to you.

Holidays for Morgan County Sanitation are:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day

(If Wednesday falls on these days or the day after, pick up will be one day late.)

For more information call: 256-773-3887 or 1-800-847-3750

Large Item Pick-Up:

Residential large item pick-up is scheduled every Monday and Tuesday – brush on Monday and trash on Tuesday.

Items that CAN be picked up:

  • TV
  • Trees-parts of trees, not more than 4 inches in diameter and cut to less than 4 feet in length
  • Leaves, grass cuttings, vegetable hulls, and loose trash – required to be in containers or bagged
  • Boxes/crates/cartons-if broken down and securely bundled

Items that CANNOT be picked up:

  • Computers, printers, monitors, or parts
  • Carpet
  • Construction or building debris such as: lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete, shingles, or similar material
  • Tires
  • Automobile parts
  • Items containing freon
  • Mattresses and bed springs
  • Household furniture
  • Water heaters