Welcome To Falkville, Alabama

Falkville is a rural Alabama town incorporated 1886. The town has direct access to Interstate 65, and is strategically located only one hour from two of Alabama’s largest cities. Our residents enjoy a safe living environment, outstanding schools, prompt police & fire protection and quality recreational facilities. Falkville has remained a shining example of small town Southern living at its finest.


Starting Friday, October 31, All traffic will change on campus to prepare for construction of the new Falkville High School. High School and Middle School will drop off and pick up in front of the main gym (YELLOW arrows indicate traffic flow). The Elementary will drop off and pick up the same way they do in the afternoons, however they will exit the center aisle (RED arrows indicate traffic flow).

The bus route will remain the same and the Magenta arrows indicate their area. The main entrance of the high school will be blocked off at end of Clark Drive and West 2nd Street.

The Green and Black lines indicate where the fences to secure the construction area will be located. The Green lines indicate existing fences.

The new temporary high school office is located in band practice field and visitors can pull into the gated area and park on that end to check out their child or speak with administrators.

Visitor passes are required while on campus and can be obtained at either office depending on where you are going on campus. Also, so that everyone is aware, all construction workers on campus are required to complete a background check as required by the Alabama Child Protection Act of 1999. Each construction worker will have an bright pink identification card issued by Falkville School and we will do spot checks to make sure they all comply. NOBODY shall be on campus without a School issued ID badge, a Morgan County Board of Education Badge, a Law Enforcement badge, or a Visitors ID badge.

We apologize for the inconvenience, however this is great progress for our school system.

To make this transition easier, please inform others that have business at the school. There will be several people in the parking lot and on West 2nd Street to assist in these changes. Please remember to keep the crosswalks and intersections clear and open while waiting to get on campus.

Also, thank you to all of the guys from the Morgan County Schools maintenance crews for their help moving classrooms and office furniture, Don Stisher and his staff for helping with this project and special thanks to Bill Hopkins !